Launch Therapy Center

About Us


Who we serve

Launch serves children and teens with developmental disabilities, such as Autism, between the ages of 1-21.

What We Do

We provide clients with individualized behavior therapy, focusing on the personal growth of each client and their unique family needs.

Where We Work

ABA is best done in the setting that is most effective for each child. For some, that is the home or community. Other children thrive in center-based learning with in-home visits to help generalize skills. We’ll tailor a program to meet your family’s needs!

Why We Do
What We Do

Launch Therapy Center is passionate about serving children with intentionality and dignity at all times. Your child’s quality of life is important and we want them to embrace all life has to offer!


A new diagnosis can leave a family feeling lost and alone.  At Launch, we take a personal approach that guides families through their unique challenges so they feel connected on their journey of growth, belonging and purpose.