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Would my child benefit from ABA therapy at Launch Therapy Center?
We take pride in being able to develop an individualized approach to EVERY child’s treatment. Therefore, it is highly likely that Launch’s ABA model will be effective in achieving the goals you and the team develop for your child’s progress. It is truly a team effort and the outcomes that are achieved are based on involvement from all members of the team (e.g., Launch staff, parents/guardians, siblings, teachers, occupational therapists, speech therapists, etc.). Like any therapy, consistency is key and over time, successes will build momentum.

What does a typical day look like at Launch Therapy Center?
Our day usually begins with a parent drop-off in carline for our early learners (non-school aged clients). Parents send a snack and a lunch for those clients attending therapy sessions during those times. Therapy sessions are divided into 2-hour “blocks” in which the same therapist will be working with the child. Depending on the amount of time spent at the clinic; a child may have sessions with 1-3 therapists per day. Children who stay for the majority of the day will experience a full schedule of activities that include group learning, individual learning, gross motor play, fine motor play, social skills groups, group meal/snack times. This schedule of activities allows for the child to learn across a variety of settings, activities, and people.

What do the services look like for older children (teens, adolescents)?
We have a wide variety of clients that attend our program. For the older population of children, we have developed social skills groups. Our social skills groups are composed of members that share similar interests, skill levels, and ages. The social skills curriculum is introduced on a continuum, which allows new members to join at any time. Groups typically meet 1-2 times per week during after school hours. Launch staff work 1:1 with each member of the group. Staff take turns leading social skills lessons and planning companion activities for each lesson. For more information related to social skills, please contact us.

How do I pay for services for my child?

Our billing team works hard to provide a full range of in-network insurances. It is likely that Launch is already in-network with your child’s insurance company. We also accept Georgia Medicaid (Katie Beckett Waiver, PeachCare, Amerigroup, CareSource, and others). We provide services at a “private pay” rate as well if insurance is not available. All services are submitted as insurance claims to the various insurance companies by our billing team. If there is a patient responsibility for ABA services required by your insurance plan (e.g., deductible, co-pay, cost share, etc.), we will provide a patient invoice.  Please contact us with specific billing questions. 

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