Launch Therapy Center

Therapy Services

Therapy Services

1:1 Therapy Sessions

Skilled therapists work directly with each client. This allows for maximum therapy gains in the areas of skill acquisition and problem behavior reduction

Case Management

Each case is managed by experienced behavior analysts.

Specialization in Early Intervention

We utilize a verbal behavior approach to therapy that is ideal for developmentally delayed children

Support with IEPs, Feeding, Potty Training, Etc.

We provide a wide range of consultative services at no additional charge to our families

Weekly Social Skills Groups

Our social skills curriculum addresses skill deficits in the area of socialization for all function levels (emergent, intermediate, and advanced)


We offer Respite Care to our current ABA clients and their families. These services are provided in a 1:1 ratio with a Launch Therapy Center employee and may occur in the home, clinic, or community setting.

Clinic, Home, Community, and School-Based Therapy

Our services are offered in multiple locations in order to provide the greatest opportunity for skills to generalize to all areas of the child’s life.

State of the Art Data Collection

Electronic data collection allows our team to make data-based decisions that lead to significant gains in behavioral achievements.